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Client Testimonials

Hi Jo
We've had a Victor Meldrew moment aka "I Don't Believe It !"- Yes the magic word works off the lead and Ollie is actually now coming back! So many thanks to you for your assistance with his recall.   Hope it works for others as well as it worked for us.
RegardsGeorge and Rita, Seaford 

Ali & Mushu, Uckfield

Hi Jo, The way you taught me to stop him barking at me was amazing!!!!! He is responding so well. Life saver!!!!  You've taught me so much. It's really made us bond so tightly. Thank you.

Lynda & Ciaron, Uckfield

I adopted a second rescue dog in Sept 2014, I called Jo for help with lead walking, after a one to one with both Ciaron and my husband , both humans learnt how to help Ciaron with lead walking. Ciaron and I have just completed an eight week course on back to basic training. Ciaron has become a confident, sociable dog. He is developing skills that make him a joy to be with.

HEATHER & BLUE, Lewes- I have to say, he’s a different dog from the one you met at Christmas, a generally reformed character.  These days I can take his food away from him while he’s eating and he doesn't bat an eyelid.  If he does try to get hold of something of ours, it only takes one word and he backs off.  The other day Alan dropped a piece of chicken, complete with bones, on the kitchen floor.  Needless to say, Blue got to it first, but dropped it as soon as Alan said “leave it” – a few months ago there would have been much snarling and we’d never have got it off him, at least not with fingers intact! Thanks Jo!

Hello Jo,

I just had to write straight away to say a BIG thank you for the training session this morning.  It was unbelievable to see how Foxi tuned in and responded to your methods and Foxi and I had great fun.  I would never have believed she could learn so quickly. We (especially me I guess!) are raring to go with our first session on our own; I just need to get my coordination on track!  I now feel so optimistic that Foxi and I will be enjoying our time out together without any worries.

Kind regards

Margaret & Foxi

Jane & Merlin, Eastbourne.  I decided to start with loose lead walking with Merlin. Every time we left the camp, I put him on that long leather lead and practised what you had taught us. By the 2nd day, one of my teammates asked what magic trick I had used! I will be passing your card on to a few people!


We were naïve to think that our Bouviers' behaviour would just suddenly improve - until the final straw and he went  for another dog. My friend gave me Jo's number and it was the best thing I did!  Her advice, insight and empathy has been invaluable .  In fact, Jo changed my whole thinking and confidence which has consequently changed the dogs'  behaviour.  I realise that my training is on-going, however I would  rather that than  have to do anything drastic with our family pet !

Clarissa, West Sussex

Floss & Elsie

Just a line to thank you most sincerely for arranging for us to have a visit from the behaviourist Jo Asquith this week. We adopted two dogs from the RSPCA rescue kennels at the end of March and one has had particular difficulties settling into our home due to her past experiences. Jo was very pleasant, positive and showed a keen interest in the dog’s and our problems, she then was most helpful and constructive with guidance on how we can progress the current situation forward thus giving us much hope. We felt that with Jo’s previous experience working for the RSPCA she is an ideal person to advise new owners of adopted dogs and we would recommend her most highly. With our thanks and best wishes